This fan theory reveals the reason behind Mad King’s madness

We’re now halfway through season six of Game of Thrones and things are getting very interesting. Throughout the season so far we’ve had numerous twists and turns, with more revelations in five episodes than in an entire season(looking at you, season five).

So, it feels like either D&D are going around ripping off theories from all around the internet or WE, the show watchers and theorists are too good with our predictions. To name a few, Jon snow resurrection by melisandre and Hodor being “Hold The Door”. (We predicted it right! Read here and here)

hold the door

So let’s look into another such theory which shows a lot of potential to turn into a real thing.

Aerys Targaryen driven mad by Bran’s Whispers! (Yes, you read it right!)

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From Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3, Bran realises that others can hear him during the visions from the past, but doesn’t understand that they cannot fully understand him.



InSeason 6 Episode 5, when Bran asks the 3 Eyed Raven if he’s ready for this, the Raven says, unequivocally, “No”. But there’s no time for any additional education or instruction.
To drive this point home, the episode presents the scene where Bran messes with Hodor’s brain while trying to help themselves from the wights.

In Episode 5, look at the Hodor situation: Bran manages to transport/warg the young Hodor’s mind into the older Hodor, thus – when he died – the young Hodor’s mind was wiped clean and only able to say the shortened “hold the door”.



From that point on, the young Hodor was destined to help Bran. Somehow, the events that led to Hodor becoming Hodor had already happened – Bran warging into Hodor at that point was bound to happen; Hodor was destined to go to that cave with Bran.

Therefore, Bran trying to change the past is not possible and this leads us to our theory that Bran drove Mad King to madness.

While we may need more evidence to prove Bran can’t mess with the past, this time-paradox seemingly shows Bran can’t affect the past in any way that will affect the present day. What he does in the past will lead to the inevitable events of the present.

Some believe that Bran, at some stage, will feel the need to talk to the Mad King. Perhaps to stop him from burning Rickard and Brandon stark and setting the rebellion in motion or maybe to tell him how to deal with the wight bodies and “Burn Them All”(Ring a bell??).  However, Aerys will only hear whispers, which will eventually drive Aerys Mad. Evidence for this lies in Jaime’s description of the King’s last moments – according to the Kingslayer, the Targaryen kept saying “Burn Them All” until his dying breath.

There’s also an image from the season six trailer which looks like Mad King being stabbed by Jaime. The only time we’ve seen flashbacks is thanks to Bran, so could Bran be revisiting this moment when he affects the past?



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