Brienne and Jaime. Reunited at last

The Riverlands. The centre of the seven kingdoms. The first region to feel the wrath when the highlords play their war games. The region that has been hit hardest by the war of five kings and the centre of the most recent conflict in the series.

The Blackfish, Brynden Tully, has managed to capture Riverrun, the ancestral home of the Tullys with only a skeleton crew at his disposal and Walder Frey wants revenge, revenge that is going to be meted out at the hand of our great golden lion, Jaime Lannister.



Unfortunately for him Brienne is also descending from the north hoping to recruit Brynden and his forces to the northern cause, you know the north remembers and all that.

This now leaves us in an awkward predicament. It was Jaime who sent Brienne north to find Sansa and safely escort her home. It was Jaime on the hunt for redemption who bestowed oathkeeper upon her and it was Jaime with an awkward look charged with sexual tension that sent Brienne on her merry way.



So this question I pose to you. We know that Brienne and Jaime are going to cross paths in the riverlands, of that we can be certain the question is what will happen when they meet. Will they meet as friends or, due to circumstances out of their control be forced to fight as foes. You decide.


In the Riverlands, Brienne and Pod arrives in Jamie’s camp. Bronn surprises Pod, with “strangling” him. His way of saying hello. Brienne and Jamie has a discussion in Jamie’s tent. He doesn’t like that she is siding w. the Tullys. She explains the stuff in the North, but we see more of asshole-Jamie from s.1-2 and he doesn’t believe in the Others, and he is sent to deal w. the Tullys, not the Boltons. Not his problem etc. Brienne goes inside Riverrun to meet w. the Blackfish. Jamie forces Edmure Tully to surrender Riverrun, as he is the lord, not the Blackfish. Blackfish shoots arrows after the Lannisters. A battle ensues inside Riverrun, and Brienne is barely able to escape. The Blackfish is presumably killed off-screen / uncertain in the ensuing battle. Not sure what happens to Brienne.

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