3 reasons why Euron Greyjoy is the most powerful villain of Game of Thrones

I think of Euron as the next phase up (or down!) from Ramsay, the way Ramsay was the next phase up (or down!) from Joffrey.

Who is Euron Greyjoy and what is his role in the Game of Thrones?



Euron Greyjoy is the eldest of the younger brothers of Balon Greyjoy. Due to Euron’s wicked ways, he was banished from the Iron Islands and was warned never to return while Balon was alive. Since, Euron’s banishment, his ship known as the ‘Silence’ had sailed, pillaged and raped all over the known world.

The Silence is crewed entirely by mutes whose tongues Euron had ripped out. (This guy can give competition to Ramsay.). Euron claims to have walked the smoking ruins of Valyria.

Why has Euron Greyjoy suddenly become so important?




At the Kingsmoot, Euron has already made it clear that he wants to ally with Danaerys by supplying her with the ships she needs to cross the Narrow Sea to sail to Westeros. With a common aim to claim the Iron throne, Dany may well agree to accept his help. In Episode 1, it was shown that the entire ship fleet was destroyed in Mereen. Euron may have been behind it with a possible motive to force Danaerys to seek his help.




Dragon horn is a sorcerous horn that is used to control dragons. In the books, Euron has been shown to possess Dragonbinder which he got from the smoking ruins of Valyria. Euron is confident he can control more than one dragon with Dragonbinder although this has not yet been proved yet neither in books nor series. If this is true, then this essentially means that Euron secretly wants to control Westeros by controlling Danaerys dragons.

Armor made of Valyrian steel

Euron’s spanking new Valyrian Steel Armor is awesome. He looted it from what remains of a family that was stronger than the Targs, but got Pompeii’d at the Doom. The metal that makes up Valyrian Steel Armor is forged differently thanValyrian Steel Swords. His armor is Lamellar Armor.

In the books, Euron is shown to be wearing armor made of Valyrian steel something that no one else in the Seven kingdoms possesses and that such armor would be worth a kingdom’s fortune. This is important because it has been shown time and again, that Valyrian steel can be used to kill white walkers. (Remember Jon Snow killing one with his Valyrian steel sword)

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