Why does Hodor only say “Hodor”?

Since the starting of Game of Thrones Season 6, we had got to see pretty interesting and revealing stuff through Bran’s visions. And all those loose ends leave the fans wondering about their significance. And that leads to some amazing fan theories.

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Ever since it was revealed in Episode 2 of Game of Thrones Season 6 that Hodor was once a stable boy who could speak much more than just ‘Hodor’, fans have been speculating what could have led him to his present condition. It was revealed that his real name is Wylis (Walder in the books). Here are a few crazy theories that are being discussed all over:

1. Hodor could warg into a horse

In Episode 2, we see Lyanna encouraging Hodor to practice fighting with Uncle Benjen and giving him little tips. Hodor who was taking care of Lyanna’s horse replies and it was apparent that he was fond of her. The theory says that : like Bran, Hodor too was a warg and since he was a stable boy, the most probably animal he would warg into should be a horse. With a crush on Lyanna, Hodor could get time to spend with her through her horse.

In the later episodes, we may get to see Lyanna riding her horse in Bran’s visions. The three-eyed raven specifically mentions that he has been watching over all of them (including Hodor) their entire life. The reason why Hodor can only speak ‘Hodor’ could be that the horse got killed while Hodor was still there during Robert’s Rebellion/Rhaegar’s kidnapping of Lyanna/Lyanna eloping with Rhaegar. This trapped the horse’s mind in Hodor.

Some other pointers: Like horses, Hodor gets frightened by lightning and has no qualms carrying Bran around. Also, Jojen once mentioned that he has never heard of anyone warging into a human since a human mind is too complex. With Hodor having a horse’s mind, Bran didn’t warg into a human but into a horse in the shape of a half giant.

2. Hodor stayed within the horse for too long

Another similar theory floating around reasons that Bran has been often advised by Jojen and the Three Eyed Raven to not stay within the warged animal for too long, else it can have unforeseeable consequences.

3. Bran tries to save him

Another speculation doing the rounds is that Bran somehow tried to communicate
with Hodor in one of his past visions while trying to save him and the result of that was Wylis losing his mind. As much as this sounds fascinating, it has some logical flaws.

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4. Robert hit Hodor

Another theory is that it was Robert who did this to Hodor in one of the friendly fights. Lyanna was promised to Robert and Hodor was fond of Lyanna. This didn’t go down well with Robert and he hit his hammer onto Hodor’s head causing him this condition. This would have enraged Lyanna and following the turn of events, she willfully eloped with Rhaegar.

5. “Hold the door”

As to why, Hodor says the word ‘Hodor’, a speculation is rife that the last instruction given to Hodor was to ‘Hold the door’ which in continuum would sound like ‘Hodor’

As unrealistic as some of these stories sound, we cannot help but accept the fact that fan theories like these have come true before and can surely come true now!

One thought on “Why does Hodor only say “Hodor”?”

  1. Bryant McGhee says:

    I truly think I have the discovered the “real” reason and it simply has to do with the character that he is base upon “Loial” from the Wheel of Time series. There comes a time in the series where Loial tells “Perrin” that he will guard a door with his life if need be beyond which “Faile” lies unconscious. Perrin is the character who Bran is based upon and Faile is the character who Meera is based upon. Loial is an Ogier who is a giant compared to men. Perrin has a strong attraction to Faile at this point in the story the same as Bran towards Meera. The differences. Where Loial is a bookworm and very intelligent; Hodor appears to be a simpleton on the surface. Faile lies unconscious in TWOT where it will be Bran in ASOIAF. If you substitute “Guard the Door” for “Hold the Door” you get “HODOR”. Bran wargs Hodor to Hold the door to protect Meera and that is his only thought. Bran’s only thought at that Moment to protect the girl that he loves gets transported back in time to the young Hodor due to Bran’s ability to time jump and sort of leaves the seemly intelligent Hodor with a form of PTSD allowing him to only say the words “HODOR” from that moment on.



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