Did Jon Snow warg into Ghost?

The hottest topic of the season this time I think was “Will Jon Snow wake up and if so how? “. So after much debate, suspense and that dramatic gasp (which was particularly haunting) Jon Snow finally wakes up in the last episode.

Jon Snow wakes up

Jon Snow wakes up

Although it had been predicted by almost anyone who is a regular follower of the books or the series, a lot of fans were not sure if Snow would actually be revived by Melisandre’s magic. My theory on this particular bit is a little different and I am sure a few fans will share my view point, so here goes-

It wasn’t Melisandre who brought back Jon, his soul in my opinion had simply got transferred into ‘Ghost’, Jon’s faithful direwolf when he died. The following points will make it clearer.

Ghost and jon

As was clear in the first episode Melisandre had literally lost faith in her magic, so if the priestess knew she could revive the Lord Commander would she not have done it by herself in the first place rather than Davos suggesting it to her?

Also we are well aware that the Stark kids have a very deep connection with their wolves and most of them have the ability to warg into them. Bran Stark started exhibiting this power very early in the series. In the books when Jon Snow killed the wildling Orell by running him through with his sword Longclaw, with his dying breath Orell managed to warg his mind into his eagle. While Orell’s human body died, his consciousness survived in the eagle. Fans know quite well that certain events in the series usually foreshadow an important event later, so probably R.R. Martin mentioned this particular event in the books to indicate its possibility.

Another particular point which got me thinking was the changing color (dilating?) of Jon’s eye before he died.

So could all of this possibly mean Jon’s soul simply traveled back from within Ghost, who was probably the only character who stuck with Jon until the very end or was it again Melisandre at her best?

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