Margaery Tyrell is going to meet her maker by seasons end

Margaery Tyrell is playing a very dangerous game here.



Her brother is locked up in isolation. He has been beaten and well and truly broken. All for the crime of being born gay. Her mother in law is about to be tried for having sex with her brother and her cousin and for birthing three incestuous children.




High Sparrow is a clever man

Out of desperation Margaery has turned to the faith and she has brought Tommen, king of the seven kingdoms, the Andals and the first men, so on and so forth. Margaery did what she had to do to survive. Because she thought she could out smart the high sparrow like she had outsmarted everyone else she had encountered before. There is just one minor problem.

The high sparrow is a clever man. A very clever man. Far too clever to just let the queen of thorns escape Kings Landing. There had to be a simple reason and this is why I believe it happened. This was simply a test. A test of her new found faith. A test to see where her loyalties lie and she failed.  Abysmally I might add




The theory:

The high sparrow is going to kill Margaery Tyrell on the steps of Baelors sept. He is going to bring her out in front of the crowds. Wax philosophical about how she had lied in the sight of gods and men and that she had been punished. That her atonement clearly was false and that she had broken a pact with god himself. The punishment for such a thing is death.

This is his power play, he will do it in front of Tommen as a show of strength AND I can actually see it as a little bit of de ja vu, imitating Ned Starks beheading.

Obviously the details may vary slightly but I will be very surprised if Margaery survives past episode ten of this season.

What do you guys think?


One thought on “Margaery Tyrell is going to meet her maker by seasons end”

  1. Sir Phil of Dragonstone says:

    I beg to disagree. In my humble opinion, I believe its the High Sparrow who has been manipulated by Queen Margaery. The High Sparrow has been led to believe that he has control over The King and the Queen when in fact it is Margaery who is the one in control.

    Now, next to the Lannister, High Garden has the biggest standing army in Westeros (as we have seen in season 6). The Tyrell Army was about to save Margaery and massacre the High Sparrow and his fanatics but stopped when King Tommen and Queen Margaery were presented as converts of the High Sparrow.

    Well, it would have been easier for Queen Margaery to let the superior army of High Garden to rescue her and her brother Loras. Yet why stop the impending battle when clearly the Tyrells were at an advantage numerically, tactically and weapons-wise? It is because Margaery has seen a way to control the people of King’s Landing (remember they hate the Royals because of Joffrey) and to keep Cersei in check.

    Why then would Margaery have failed the High Sparrow’s “test” when she has diligently followed all his orders? I would rather conclude that despite the cleverness of the High Sparrow, he has been outwitted by Queen. Best scenario for the final season would have Margaery pardoned of her sins, Loras joing the fanatics and Cersei be sentenced for execution. Though I highly doubt Cersei dies as she would probably be rescued by “Zombie Mountain” and taken to Casterly Rock where Jamie is waiting with open arms and pants. Thus, a new factions would be created, the Lannister and Frey alliance along with the new North and the Vale alliance, The rising Dorne to contend with the King of the Seven Kingdoms- High Sparrow- Tyrell alliance.

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