Could Meera Reed and Jon Snow actually be related?

The fact that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna is something most fans are almost certain of. However, there is a particular modified theory doing the rounds – Meera Reed and Jon Snow are actually the twins of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Seems absurd doesn’t it? Let’s see if it fits or not.

Meera Reed and Jon Snow are twins

How it fits:

1. According to a wiki of ice and fire, Meera Reed and Jon Snow were born the same year Lyanna Stark died so obviously they’re of the same age.

2. Meera is described to be quite similar to Arya and Lyanna. She is short and slim, has long brown hair and green eyes. She is flat chested and is never described as being particularly beautiful. Just like Arya, she is skilled in combat.



3. It is known that Howland owes a debt to Lyanna for saving him from bullying squires and giving him a place in their own tent at the tourney of Harrenhal. So, it’s possible that he took the other twin with him back to the Neck. Howland has also not left the Neck since the end of the conflict which could mean he is just trying to lay low in order to keep the other child a secret.

4. Meera Reed and Jon Snow look alike in the series! Don’t you think?



As much exciting that this theory might sound, there are some loopholes in this theory:

1. The eyes: Meera’s eyes are green unlike the grey of the Stark’s and the violet of the Targaryens.

2. Bran who has spent a great deal of time with Meera would by now have noticed a resemblance to his brother, however, there has been no mention of it in the books or the series.

3. There have been no visions or prophecies stating the presence of another child. Well, no prophecy that I am aware of at least!

4. The fact that Meera is the sister of Jon (who has been quite an important character so far) would have been definitely known to the three eyed raven but there has been no such indication from him or the children of the forest.

Although to me this theory sounds a bit far-fetched, I’d really like to know your thoughts on this.

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