This fan theory reveals what Varys’ secret mission is

Warning: Contains spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 6

In Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8, we saw that Varys left Tyrion to embark on a secret mission. Knowing Varys, he would not do something unless it is very crucial to the whole game of ruling the Seven Kingdoms. What could it be? Well, fans have started speculating what he might be up to. One such theory says that Varys will betray Daenerys Targaryen after leaving Meereen.



Will Varys betray Daenerys?

Redditor Ariskov listed out some points in support of this theory:

  • Varys always said that he serves the realm.
  • He didn’t like the deal Tyrion made with Kinvara, the red priestess.
  • The fact that he left Meereen just before the slaver’s attack looks suspicious.
  • Since he’s a spymaster, he should have been aware of the incoming attack.

Loopholes in the theory

This theory relies heavily on that fact that Varys should have been aware of the incoming attack on Meereen and that he deliberately left Meereen just before the attack. But one can safely assume that Varys’ spying network or as he calls them “little birds” may not be that evolved as was the case in King’s Landing. One can also speculate that the Masters would have ordered the attack as soon as they would have reached their cities, thus giving no time for Varys’ spying network to convey this information to him.

Also, the theory says that Varys has always served the realm. But we all know that he plotted against Cersei in King’s Landing to help Tyrion escape death. He also seemed convinced that Daenerys would become a great ruler. Thus, the chances of him betraying Daenerys looks slim.

Alternate fan theory

There is another theory doing the rounds which says that Varys is heading towards Westeros to seek alliances. According to this theory, he is going to Dorne as the Dornish have a powerful army, they have a fleet and also they hate the Lannisters and might be interested in seeking revenge. One more fact that adds weight to this theory is that Elia Martell was married to Rhaegar Targaryen which makes Dornishmen a good option for an ally.

We also have a major hint from The Winds of Winter (George R.R. Martin’s upcoming book) that points towards a possible Martell-Targaryen alliance.

Possible Martell-Targaryen Alliance


In May 2016, Arianne Martell’s chapter from The Winds of Winter was released. In that chapter, Aegon VI Targaryen conquers Griffin’s Roost in Westeros. Post that, Arianne Martell’s father sends him to meet Aegon and Jon Connington to decide if Dorne will join Aegon’s rebellion or not. This is a big hint towards Martell-Targaryen alliance. If this turns out to be true in the books, you can expect a similar alliance in the show as well.

Convincing enough? There is more to this theory however. In A Dance With Dragons, we see Quentyn Martell, son of Doran, meeting Daenerys Targaryen in Meereen. And Dany tells him that one day, she will come to Westeros and look to Dorne for help.

Is this the moment when she seeks their help? It seems so but we shall get to know soon in the finale episode of Game of Thrones Season 6.

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