All you need to know about Jon Snow’s resurrection

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OMG!! OMG!! HE IS BACK!! Jon Snow is back!!

This is what our Facebook feed has been since Monday.  Everyone is going gala over Jon Snow’s resurrection but is it what it looks like? Read on to find out what we think.

Jon Snow is not the same

In the episode 2 of Game of Thrones Season 6, we saw The Red Woman Melisandre working her magic to revive the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow. It seems fitting with what was shown to TV viewers in Season 3 when Thoros of Myr explained to Melisandre how the Lord of Light had brought back Beric Dondarrion from the dead. Thoros of Myr had lost all hope and didn’t believe in any Lord of Light until his friend lay cold, and dead. He simply recited the prayers and the Lord replied for the first time in his life by bringing Beric back from the darkness that lay in death.


Likewise, we see Melisandre in the first episode heart broken, stripped off all her beauty (which she derived from the ruby necklace and the potions) and in her true old self. She’s seriously started to question her faith. All that she saw in the flames about Stannis and Jon seemed lies. And for the one last time, she said her prayers and yes, did the Lord of Light reply.

melisandre and beric dondarrian game of thrones

One thing we can say for sure is that Jon Snow is not going to be the same. This is apparent from the conversation Melisandre has with Thoros of Myr (Watch the video)

Jon Snow may have warged into Ghost!

This theory on Jon Snow’s resurrection is a little different but a lot of fans share this view point: It wasn’t Melisandre who brought back Jon, his soul in my opinion had simply got transferred into ‘Ghost’, Jon’s faithful direwolf when he died.

Stark kids have a very deep connection with their wolves and most of them have the ability to warg into them. Bran Stark and Orell have displayed this at various points in the shows and the books.

Jon Snow and ghost

Jon Snow and ghost

This was one of the most famous theories at the end of Season 5. Read more about it here.

The Oathbreaker

The title of the next episode is Oathbreaker.
For one thing we know, a man rising from death is not the same man anymore, we can safely predict that Jon Snow will be relieved from his oath as the watcher of the wall. Moreover, he has already served the Night’s Watch till his death. Melisandre’s visions in the flame when she sees him fighting at Winterfell may also come true. It’s likely that the next episode’s title may refer to Jon’s oath as the watcher of the wall being broken.


The battle of Bastards

One widespread theory after watching the flags of Starks and Boltons along with lined up ARMIES ready to fight in the GOT trailers that there would be a fierce battle between both the houses for the Winterfell. This theory has also gained momentum after reincarnation of Jon Snow in the second episode. The fact that Sansa is also able to escape from Ramsay’s restraint and is approaching Castle black seeking help from Jon snow also adds more more fuel to this fire.

Leaked shooting pictures reveal Jon Snow may be a part of season 6’s climactic battle – The Battle of Bastards

Read more about it here.

Jon and Ramsay - Battle of Bastards

Jon and Ramsay – Battle of Bastards

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