Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Recap

Warning: Contains spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 was undoubtedly an eventful episode, so let’s take a closer look at some of the most important scenes and their meanings.



For starters, in the opening scene of the episode, we see Loras Tyrell’s trial taking place in the High Septon. He confesses to all of his crimes and agrees to join the faith in order to put an end to his misery. He knows that he will get no justice in court, so he admits to defeat. However, this means that he must be mutilated which is quite an unpleasant experience.



After that scene, the perspective switches over to Cersei and the Mountain. She blocks Tommen from leaving the Red Keep and we see the stash of wildfire hidden under the High Septon, which has previously been mentioned in the show. Suspecting that something might be wrong since Cersei is not attending the trial; Margaery tries to escape the building, but is too late, and is caught in the explosion instead. The High Septon is blown to smithereens, along with all the people inside of it.



Cersei then proceeds to shame a faith militant for all the trouble she has brought to her. Even though this was a rather simplistic scene, I think it is representative of all the pain that Cersei is causing to King’s Landing. First she blew up the High Septon, and now, who knows what will happen.



Onto the next scene, Jaime is at a feast with Walder Frey. They are having a conversation about his loyalty and effectiveness. Jaime lets Walder know that he is no warrior, and is not recognized for the Red Wedding. In this scene, he shows disrespect to him and proves that without the Lannisters, he is nothing. I think this may be because Jaime despises Walder Frey for killing the Starks, and even wants vengeance for his crimes. This would make sense because Jaime’s character has changed drastically over the last season.



Then Sam arrives at his newest destination, and we find out that he will become a maester. When he gives his letter to the current master, they are uninformed about Jon Snow being the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. This may serve as an example of how the rest of Westeros will respond to Jon Snow raising an army in the North. They are disconnected to the affairs of the Night’s Watch, and are even disconnected to the north to a degree. I suspect that it may come as an unpleasant surprise to many people that he is not only the Lord Commander, but also that he has an army by his side.



The next scene was absolutely shocking. Discontent with what has happened to the High Septon and the faith, Tommen decides to commit suicide by jumping out of his window. We knew that Tommen would die because of the Maggy the Frog Prophecy, but not in such a random way that none of us would have been able to predict.



As you might imagine, Cersei was upset with Tommen’s actions. With the High Septon gone, she was asked where Tommen should be buried. She responds by saying that she wants him with the rest of his family. It is determined that he will be burnt and placed by the ruins of the High Septon. This scene, in my opinion, is symbolic of the backlashes of Cersei’s actions. She was successful in her own right, but Tommen’s death was an indirect result of her decisions and that’s something she must deal with for the rest of her life. Though, in a way, I think she is enjoying herself because she just avenged Joffrey by killing Margaery and some other Tyrells.

Moving on, we then see Ser Davos revealing to Jon what Melisandre did to Stannis’ daughter. Understandably, he is shocked by her cruelty and demands prosecution. Melisandre defends herself by saying that it was an effort to try and save Stannis’ army, but ultimately, she is exiled from the North.



As a result of the Lannisters declaring war on the Martells and Tyrells, Lady Olenna speaks about a potential alliance with the Martells. It is noted that in order to win against the Lannisters, they will need to team up and rally forces. So much help will be needed, in fact, that Varys enters the conversation and we can assume that he will tell them about Daenerys and her plan to conquer Westeros. With the support of two noble houses, Daenerys would be very powerful.

Switching gears, the scene that follows is with Daenerys and Tyrion. After Daenerys reveals to Daario Naharis that she wants him to stay in Meereen, Tyrion discusses with her that there will be a multitude of new challenges she will face in Westeros. She has entered the great game, but she crowns Tyrion as “Hand of the Queen” to formally commemorate his services.



Now I have to admit, this next scene was very amusing. One of Walder Frey’s servants serves him a slice of pie, but after he takes a bite, she ruins his apatite by telling him that the pie is made of his sons. He is shocked, but not nearly as much as when she takes off her face and Arya Stark can be seen. Arya then proceeds to kill Walder Frey, reminding him of who she is (or was rather). This scene has great significance because it reveals to us that Arya is indeed faceless and that she has manifested her powers. We originally thought that she gave up on trying to become no one, but we now know that when she said she is Arya Stark a few episodes back, she was merely saying who she wanted to become at that moment and not who she actually was.



Shortly after, Sansa confronts Littlefinger about what he wants in return for his help on the field of battle. He reveals to her that it is what he has wanted all along, to be with her on the Iron Throne. She knows that refusing his offer may have some potential consequences, but she turns him down anyway and walks away. This could be problematic in the future, but at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be a big problem.



Onto another outstanding scene, we see Uncle Benjen departing Bran as he heads to the White Walkers to try and hinder them from attacking the Wall. He can’t go past the wall, because it is magic bound, but he promises to try and stop them from attacking Westeros. Once he sets Bran aside by the Weirwood tree, Bran gets his next vision. He is at the Tower of Joy, beside Ned Stark and Howland Reed. They enter the tower and Lynna Stark is giving birth to a child. We hear Lynna whisper to Ned to protect the child and to take him as his own. Now, if you are familiar with the most popular Game of Thrones theory, R + L = J, this scene means that Lynna Stark and Rhaegon Targaryen’s son is Jon Snow. I’m sure that once Bran and Jon reconnect, he will find out about this, and this may have some importance with Daenerys once she lands in Westeros. Jon has a claim to the Throne, but it is unknown whether or not people will respect it.

In the scene that follows, Jon Snow is conferencing with the other Northern leaders about what will happen next with the North. Some people argue saying that the Northerners should ride South, but Jon Snow counters by saying that they need to stay North to protect from the White Walkers. People mostly agree with this, and after Lady Mormont sides with Jon, the Northerners crown Jon as the “King of the North” like his brother Robb Stark once was. They say that in spite of him being a bastard, he deserves to represent the Starks. However, we have now found out that Jon is a Targaryen, so when the word spills out that he is not who he says he is, things could get problematic.



One of the last scenes of today’s episode was with Jaime arriving in King’s Landing only to find the High Septon blown up. He enters the Red Keep and sees that Cersei has become the Queen of King’s Landing. It seems though that he may be furious at Cersei for creating a wreck of the city and killing their son Tommen. Presumably, Jaime will become King alongside Cersei, and together, they will rule King’s Landing. I’m not sure how the general public would accept this, but they could deny their relation to each other as brother and sister somehow.



The last scene of the finale paid homage to Daenerys’ large army heading to Westeros. It nicely wrapped up the Season and sets up Season 7 for a great deal of action and suspense.

Game of Thrones Episode 10, the season finale, was definitely dramatic. As old kings were dethroned, new kings were crowned, and we’ll just have to see what happens next. That’s it for this theory, but be sure to share it and if you want more theories similar to this, check out my YouTube channel “House McFarlin”.

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