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The three heads of the dragon theory

Debate has raged for over a decade now, who are the three heads of the dragon? The fifth room, finally, shows a man very much alike her brother Viserys, except that he is taller and has eyes of dark indigo rather than lilac. He is

This fan theory reveals the reason behind Mad King’s madness

We’re now halfway through season six of Game of Thrones and things are getting very interesting. Throughout the season so far we’ve had numerous twists and turns, with more revelations in five episodes than in an entire season(looking at you, season five). So, it feels

Will Bran be the one to change the future of Westeros?

Bran’s story till season 5 of Game of Thrones was not particularly engaging, in fact a lot of fans found it dull. The fact that while so many events were taking place in Westeros, Bran had only managed to walk up to a tree in