Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale: Spoilers and Predictions

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Warning: Contains possible book spoilers and spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 6 finale

The Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale is upon us with a whole 69 minutes, superseding the Season 1, Episode 1 length. So the show wants to cover a lot of plot, plus leave us with a few cliffhangers.

What we know from the preview and from newly released photos of the episode

  1. Jaime and Bronn are still leading the Lannister troops at Riverrun. Jaime will meet with Walder Frey.


  2. Cersei has been denied a trial by combat, so she will be standing trial for her alleged crimes against the Faith in the presence of seven septons.
  3. Margaery and Tommen will be at the trial.
  4. A much skinnier Ser Loras Tyrell will also be meeting with the High Sparrow, most likely at the trial.


  5. Davos will accuse Melisandre of doing something terrible (presumably Shireen’s burning), and demand that she explain all of this to Jon Snow.
  6. Sansa and Jon will have some tension, possibly over Sansa’s decision to ask Littlefinger for help, but they will make an accord because Jon tells her that they have so many enemies.
  7. Daenerys Targaryen gets emotional with Daario, whom she loves. She talks with Tyrion who warns her about the “great game”. They are sitting and possibly waiting for ships from Theon and Yara, along with ships they conquered in the Slaver’s Bay battle.
  8. Bran is in the wild.
  9. There is a white raven hovering over snow covered lands.


  10. Littlefinger is speaking very intensely with Sansa in the godswood.

We haven’t seen these people, but we can assume they will play a part in the episode:

    1. Brienne and Podrick. They will come back from Riverrun.
    2. Varys. He is on a mysterious mission. Theories abound about his whereabouts.
    3. Euron. He has done little in Season 6, but Euron matters to the storyline in the books, and the show runners wouldn’t have introduced him at this late date in the series unless they had plans for him.
    4. Tormund. He will probably be part of Jon’s inner circle and he will represent the Wildlings in all decisions that affect them.
    5. Arya. We can assume she will be back in Westeros by episode 10.
    6. The Hound. He may be with the Brotherhood Without Banners.

So what will happen in the Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale?

I predict the following;

1. King’s Landing – Ser Loras Tyrell



I expect a bloodbath. It looks to me that Ser Loras Tyrell is broken enough to have accepted the Faith’s insistence that he “confess” his sins. He is doing this because he is sick of prison, and they have tortured his mind while starving him. However, something will happen, be it Margaery sending him a hint or his grandmother (she will be at the trial). He will remember himself and his training. He will not start the conflict, but he will rouse himself and fight against the Faith Militant. I expect him to die in this episode, but it will be some kind of death that takes a few of the enemy with him, plus give fans a reason to cheer. He will go out well.

2. King’s Landing – Cersei



She will be the provocateur of the bloodbath. I think she has wildfire stashed under the city, and Qyburn knows about it. He is under orders to use it if necessary. And in her mind, it will be necessary. Because this trial is a sham, and it will not go well for her. Tommen has been brainwashed by the Faith, and he thinks he is making his wife happy by championing their cause. He has referred to his own mother as “Cersei Lannister” which means he has dissociated himself from her. She is angry and wants revenge against the High Sparrow, the Faith Militant and the people who laughed at her when she did the Walk of Shame in Season 5. If the trial goes badly for her, and it will, we will probably see Ser Robert Strong come to her rescue and take down several members of the Faith Militant. This will provoke mayhem. This could spill into the streets and get the common folk in Flea Bottom to jump into the sprawl. Qyburn himself may choose the moment to light the wildfire, but it will be with Cersei’s blessing.

3. King’s Landing – Tommen and Margaery



Tommen will die in this episode. I think it is possible that Ser Robert Strong kills him, perhaps unintentionally, but it will be a sort of poetic justice for Cersei’s many crimes against others, plus the prophesy in the books (touched on in the show) claims that all her children will die. Tommen’s death will be unplanned, and it will totally unhinge Cersei. As for Margaery, I know that fans are predicting her death. I may be biased as I like her character so much, but I think she will survive. Her grandmother will see to that, possibly by leaning hard on Mace Tyrell to make sure their army is nearby. I know I could be wrong about this, but if she dies, it might even be the High Sparrow who kills her in rage when he sees that his plans to control King’s Landing, and thus, Westeros are amuck. But I think she is going to make it out of there.

4. King’s Landing-Everyone Else



This brings in Varys. There is one theory that Varys will seek out ships and bring Euron to Dany’s door, making the Theon/Yara/Daenarys alliance a tad awkward. There is another theory that he is the Son of the Harpy. I think he will go to King’s Landing to pave the way for Dany’s takeover. He will kill Kevan Lannister and Grand Maester Pycelle as they are the voice of caution and reason in the realm, particularly Kevan. He may even aid in creating more chaos in King’s Landing so that it blows, and the people are in dismay. Then Dany will come in as a savior for the people. Cersei will survive, and I’m betting Qyburn will as well, but Ser Robert Strong might die, which would defeat all hopes of Cleganebowl. I know that is a risky prediction, but I think the show wants to save some things for the books. Right now, Cleganebowl will come off as contrived unless Ser Robert Strong leaves King’s Landing and somehow ends up wherever the Hound will be. I don’t see that happening.

5. Winterfell



Since we got a lot of Sansa and Jon in episode 9, we won’t get as much in this episode. I think Jon will make sure that Sansa rules Winterfell. Brienne will come back as her protector, and Podrick will also be a part of her inner circle. I am guessing we will see some Northern lords come to Winterfell. If Glover comes, he will get hit with a lot of “I told you so”, and he will need Sansa to forgive him for not answering her call. I think we will get a Lyanna Mormont cameo in which she pledges her support to the Starks. Jon will have to deal with the Melisandre/Davos dispute. He will be horrified by the burning. It will make him more confused about his resurrection as he may ask himself: “How can this god, the Lord of Light, raise me from the dead and sanction the burning of an innocent girl?” He has never completely trusted Melisandre and this won’t improve their relations. But he will not hurt her. The worst he could do is tell her to leave, which for her would be terrible as she believes him to be The Prince That Was Promised, so she wants to be near him. If he does dismiss her, she will go North as she senses that the Great War is coming.

6. The Twins and Riverrun



In the books, Jaime’s aunt, Genna Lannister, is married to Emmon Frey. Tywin promised Riverrun to him. In the books, Emmon is very insistent on his right, and Jaime takes a dislike to him. However, I don’t see the show casting Genna Lannister for one episode, plus the only other Freys in the show who have names are Roslin (Edmure’s wife), Lothar and Black Walder. So Walder Frey the elder may claim the right to Riverrun at that dinner we see in the preview and relish it as a victory against the Tullys who in his mind have always held him in contempt. Now this is where things get dicey. Something bad is going to happen to Walder in this episode. In fact, there may be a lot of dead Freys by the end of episode 10. Who will do the killing? One theory is Arya. She will return to Riverrun and avenge her mother and brother’s death. To me, this is very likely, as I think she will then go to Winterfell to join her sister. Another theory is that Jaime himself will not do the actual killing, but he won’t stop it either, and when he sees Arya, he will remember Oathkeeper and his wish to find his honor through finding the Stark girls. So he will either order his men to do nothing or even tell them to kill anyone who tries to harm Arya. I think something like this will happen, with Jaime himself and Arya taking up the Lady Stoneheart arc of killing lots of Freys. Jaime will not make it back to King’s Landing in time for the trial. He may meet up with Cersei afterwards, horrified at what she has done. I have been so disappointed with the Jaime Lannister arc that I now am wary of any predictions concerning him, but the show has to do something to remove him from Cersei’s toxic grasp. This may be it.

7. Meereen



Daenerys Targaryen will make sure that order has been restored in Meereen. She will make plans to leave for Westeros in her newly acquired ships. Grey Worm and the Unsullied will accompany her, as will Tyrion and Missendei. I am not sure who will be left to run Meereen. There is a tender scene with Daario. But I think the show has something planned so that Dany does not leave easily. There is a theory that Daario is the Son of the Harpy. It is a ridiculous theory, but the show may play it as they also turned Benjen into Coldhands from the books, even though George R.R. Martin debunks all theories that Benjen was Coldhands. So the show may do that, or do something so that Daario becomes a problem for Dany. Enter Euron. He comes with his ships and somehow stops Daario from doing whatever he plans to do, be it killing the Queen or stopping her from going to Westeros. He becomes her savior. Book Euron is a very charming and persuasive guy. He also has a horn called Dragonbinder that can control dragons. He says he got it from the ruins of Valyria. So if I’m wrong about Daario, then here is another Euron theory: he shows up with his ships and blows Dragonbinder which renders Dany’s dragons moot. He is the villain who somehow takes everyone prisoner and under his control.

8. Beyond the Wall



Bran is still there, presumably with Meera and Benjen Coldhands. If Benjen takes on more of the role of Coldhands, he will escort Bran to the Wall, but he won’t be able to enter. Bran will be received by Dolorous Edd and he will receive care. A raven will be sent to Winterfell about Bran. I also expect Bran to have more visions. One will confirm Jon’s bloodline to Rhaegar Targaryen and Bran’s aunt, Lyanna. So Bran will realize who Jon is. It is possible that Benjen will remain outside the Wall, and Bran will want to talk with him. We may find out that Benjen has known of Jon’s true birth all along. I don’t think Jon and Bran will meet in this episode. But that white raven may end up coming to Winterfell. White ravens usually herald winter’s arrival. So the white raven may encourage Jon to go North. I also think we will see White Walkers near or at the Wall. Benjen may somehow be involved in this conflict, protecting Bran and the Wall. I’ve heard theories that the Wall will actually fall, but I don’t expect that. However, we will get some sort of cliffhanger that tells us that the Great War is approaching. Since Bran has been marked by the Night King, I don’t know if he can go South of the Wall yet, so one of the visions he has may end up being a clue on how he can remove the mark. This way he can meet up with Jon Snow, and possibly go to Winterfell again to see his family in Season 7.

9. Other Things – The Hound

I expect the Hound in this episode and my gut says that he will go North, not South. I’m torn on this one as he may find out about his brother’s metamorphosis and want to see him. However, Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr were talking to him of going North. He may join them as they are the closest to friends that he has. If they go because they feel the Lord of Light is calling them for the Great War, they will pass the road that leads to Winterfell. It is possible that the Hound decides to stay at Winterfell for a while to help Sansa.

10. Other Things – Sam

We should see Sam again with Heartsbane. If we do, I expect that the show will scrap the Oldtown story from the books. Sam will find out about recent events in Jon Snow’s life – from his death to the resurrection to his battle at Winterfell. He will feel compelled to find his friend. Gilly and Little Sam will go with him. If we are lucky, we will get to see Randall Tarly again, furious about losing Heartsbane, so he will seek out Sam.

In doing these predictions, I’m trying to think like the show, and mimic the pace in which the show has been developing plots. We will all know soon enough. Thanks for reading.

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8 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale: Spoilers and Predictions”

  1. Ethan McFarlin says:

    That was a very informative and well done post. I agree with many of your predictions and respect your writing skills.

    1. Susan Bertolino says:

      Thank you. I may be wrong, but that is why they are called predictions. Thanks for reading.

  2. Susan Bertolino says:

    In rereading this, I realize I forgot to mention Littlefinger. I think he will propose marriage to Sansa. She will not want to accept, and she will stall for time. It is also significant that their conversation looks like it is in the godswood where there are weirwood trees. Bran could hear this conversation, and know that Sansa is alive, and Wintrfell is back in Stark hands. This may start some of his visions or at least comfort him. He may also hear of Rickon’s death through this conversation.

  3. Joseph Anthony says:

    Love it Susan. Great post.

    1. Susan Bertolino says:

      Thank you, Joseph. What are your thoughts on Margaery? I seem to remember that you are fairly sure that she will bite the dust in the finale. I am warring with myself with this one. I’m almost positive that Loras will go, but the show may keep her. If she dies, then there will truly be war between the Lannisters and the Tyrells. Olenna is supposed to be at the trial, but I think she will make it out of there.

      1. Joseph Anthony says:

        You pretty much got it spot on. I was pretty sure she would die I just thought it would be her being made an example and not such a power play on Cerseis part. They did that pretty brilliantly though I must say.

        1. Susan Bertolino says:

          KL was well done. I kept hoping Margaery somehow made it out of there. I did expect the Sept or something big to blow up along with Tommen’s death. I thought Loras might do something, but he was truly broken. That was hard to watch.
          I don’t mourn for the High Sparrow or any religion that does what it did to Loras Tyrell. That was an awful scene. But it almost felt like horror as Margaery knew and couldn’t get out. That is one of our greatest fears. I will miss her.

          1. Joseph Anthony says:

            I will too. She was one of the few things that made kings landing watchable last season

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